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Are you looking for the perfect opportunity to try out new sports without any commitment? Now is your chance, so do not miss the sports day at St. Jakob coming soon! If you have never attended the Sports day for the entire family at St. Jakob in Basel, this is your year! We have attended each year, and each year our children are thrilled with the opportunity to experience new sports, martial arts and crazy games.

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Home of Erasmus and Art Basel, Switzerland’s third biggest city is a magnet for culture lovers — it has, after all, the highest concentration of museums in the country. Basel , which is also the canton of Basel’s capital city, is Switzerland ‘s third most densely populated region with more than , inhabitants. Basel is located in the northwest of Switzerland, neighboured by both Germany and France, so the vibe of the city is multi-cultural and more tolerant than other Swiss cities.

The Basel area has the most dynamic economy in Switzerland and is one of the most productive and innovative in the world. Basel’s economy is based on several sectors such as chemical and pharmaceutical industries, biochemistry, financial services and insurance, logistics, trade and distribution, as well as information and communication technology, etc.

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Please refresh the page and retry. M any Britons think that people living in Switzerland have no problems. Food is also very expensive and many people shop over the border in France or Germany, especially for meat, which is about half the price in Germany. This is partly due to all the different Swiss dialects which change about every 10 kilometres and, depending on which border you live near, derive from German, French or Italian.

I live just outside Basel, on the borders of France and Germany. Expats in Basel do not necessarily have to learn the local language if they are only here for a limited time, as the city is full of pharmaceutical companies where English is the working language. Switzerland is a very tidy and orderly country and seems to like putting things neatly in boxes. Voters in Zurich approved spending on the project — local authorities say this will help them keep closer tabs on prostitution.

S witzerland has what is called a direct democracy and decisions are not just made by MPs but by the people themselves, who are able to vote on everything.

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There are so many exciting places in Basel that you can visit with your family. The zoo presents an ideal environment where the kids will learn different aspects of nature as they interact with real tropics inside the city. You will see lions, elephants, exotic plants, and hippos that walk freely. One of the main attractions is the aviary, where the children can go and enjoy seeing different kinds of birds.

Expat-Expo Basel. Dates: Start date: 9 Feb End date: 9 Feb Location: Basel Switzerland. Place: MCH Swiss Exhibition (Basel) AG Basel.

Meet inside the entrance hall of the museum. No charge for the talk. Please purchase your ticket inside the main entrance hall of the Kunstmuseum where we meet at Who: Members only: booking is essential as numbers are limited 10 participants only. Book: by Monday 30th July or Monday 20th August at artwalks centrepoint. Sabina has organized another of her terrific art walks through the Kunstmuseum.

Join her as she explores the life and work of a single artist in a public art collection in Basel. Sabina Fritzsche is an artist, art instructor and therapist who exhibited at Centrepoint in She has lived and worked in Basel for 37 years and has led many groups through the Kunstmuseum.

Expat Guide to Switzerland

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Basel is a beauitful medeival city on the Rhine River bursting with fun colors of the city hall as well as other buildings that date back to the 15th century. Get latest news, reviews and interviews on family travel & expat life.

We live in the digital world, and BaselConnect is no exception. We rely heavily on our website, mailing list, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and LinkedIn digital properties to keep our community informed and connected. To keep up to date and connected, make sure you are active on all our channels. Well, here you are now! Have you bookmarked our News page yet? Get the latest Basel weather, Swiss news, and BaselConnect news right on www.

Expat-Expo Basel 2021

Our events include for instance, after work parties, guided tours of Geneva, dating parties, ladies nights, and more. An organization where international friendship and understanding continually grows; where women from more than a hundred countries share opportunities for recreation. At 13 Avenue de la Paix, Geneva Expat In CH.

What is it like in your country of residence for someone with your relationship status (married/divorced/dating)? If you’re single, how do you meet other people?

Great quality of life in Geneva and Switzerland in general. Being professionally active as a mother of very young children is challenging as it is difficult to find daycare. Once the kids are in school it is easier to find additional babysitting solutions. The Multinationals, banking sector and international organizations also bring many English speakers to the Geneva area. I meet a lot of English speakers who have lived here for years and have gotten by with English only. There are all sorts of networks and clubs for English speaking international professionals.

A great network for professional women that I can highly recommend is the Geneva Women in International Trade www. A lot of people work and travel quite a bit and do not have time or energy to go to places where they could potentially meet a life partner.

Expat Advice: Relationships in Geneva, Switzerland

The color coding directs you to the section where you can find more information. In our “Information Desks” and other sections you can find practical information on living in Basel that can help you manage your day-to-day life. The life of an expat is a wonderfully exciting and educational experience.

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It has been part of the Swiss Federation since and the region has always been influenced by its location on the Swiss border. The most common language spoken in Basel is German, however it is easy to travel across the city and communicate with locals if you speak English or French. Basel is well-known for its high quality of living amongst locals and expats.

There is a mix of expat communities and residents originating from countries proving that the Basel lifestyle has much to offer. Until the 19th century Basel was an industrial town, although now offers countryside landscapes for all residents. Even though Basel is not the largest city and is in a rural location, it offers a wide range of infrastructure such as education, transport and medical services. Many expats may choose to live just outside Switzerland instead of directly moving to Basel.

The benefits of living outside the city are well documented and reduce living costs, although local prices remain relatively high when compared to other European cities. On average, individuals which are permanent residents within the city rated their life a 7. With Switzerland known to be one of the safest places in the world, Basel represents this category well. It is an extremely multicultural, tranquil and a passive place to live.

Although the city is not as well-known as some others, there are plenty of things to do and enjoy all year round.

Basel for new arrivals

Dating back nearly years, the records of the Organisation for the Swiss Abroad OSA – documenting its activities and the experiences of the Swiss expatriate community – are being dusted off for inclusion in the Federal Archives. More about the author Italian Department. He decides which papers to keep for posterity, and how to file them according to their contents in a digitalised register and has until the beginning of September to wrap up his work.

Switzerland had no colonies — yet some Swiss worked with colonial powers and profited from their seizure of resources on other continents. The OSA records cover a wide range of activities by the organisation, the Council of the Swiss Abroad and the annual congresses.

Expat Clubs & Groups Business Directory for Geneva, the English-language A community for expats and locals in Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, Zurich and Basel. work parties, guided tours of Geneva, dating parties, ladies nights, and more.

Multi currency banking. Foreign exchange. Fraud and security. Which group you interact with most will depend on where you live. Developing friendships with the Swiss takes a long time as they often come across as cold and reserved. When a public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it moves to the first available weekday. Moving to a new country takes a lot of planning. To help you get started, here are some of the things you need to do before you leave home — or just after you arrive.

Young children learn languages very quickly when given support. It is also difficult finding information if you do not speak Italian, since everything tends to be in Italian only. The people are very friendly and welcoming here and the nature is just amazing.

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Inside the place is decorated great with bridges connecting the kitchen to the Dining area. The Food however is by swiss Prices, not american as advertised outside by the colorful Posters. The hamburgers are overly spiced and expensive, starting at 25 CHF for a average Cheeseburger as you would find at any average diner in the states. Although it is supposed to be an american Restaurant, None of the waiters speak adequate english and are mostly from arabian origin. The waiters are of the opinion they know everything about american cuisine and of course most of the swiss customers are overwhelmed about their Google knowledge about the Big Apple and Disney World.

Overall Papa Joes is to be avoided.

Kleinbasel is becoming increasingly popular among international families. city centers in Europe, buildings dating back to the 15th century are on almost every corner. Many expatriates have very fond memories of their time in Basel.

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Basel is the cultural capital of Switzerland. There is never a shortage of events, exhibitions and festivals to enjoy in the city. Most notably, Basel is home to the renowned Basler Fasnacht , a 72 hour long event held annually during February or March. It is one of the largest of the numerous carnivals that occur in Switzerland each year.

Check the Hello Switzerland Events page and sign up for the Hello Switzerland Newsletter to keep up to date on expat events in your area. Basel tourism , local newspapers and newsletters such as Ron Orp Basel DE also publicise fun upcoming events.

We are a group of expats from many countries and a few locals. We like running for fun, to keep fit, and to train for events. Many of us participate in races varying.

Hello everyone, I have a job offer in Basel that looks pretty interesting and well paid in a Big pharma. Looks like a good professional opportunity. I can also explore other positions with my current company in bigger cities Paris, London, maybe NY but I will then continue my current workaholic and constant traveler lifestyle. I find it very nice, lots of nature, etc. I spent half a day in Basel, the city looked nice but everyone I met at the Big Pharma company seemed to be married with kids, who liked the comfort and the money.

My question is: is Basel a decent city for single guys in their late 20s? Compared to Geneva, is it significantly more quiet or similar? If there is any single guy who moved here from a big city, what do you think?

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